Where is Arpino

Panorama di Arpino (Fr)

We are on the right slope of the Liri Valley close to the outer spurs of the Central Appennines. Located at 450 metres above sea level, Arpino enjoys a dry and pleasant climate which makes the town an ideal holiday resort. The territory, comprising farmed land but also woods and unspoiled spots, covers a vast area (some 55 squares metres) and the altitude at Monteccoli is over 800 m.

The old town centre is overlooked by the splendid Acropolis of Civitavecchia (650 m a.s.l.), which surrounded by majestic megalithic walls, is the ancient heart of Arpino. Here stands, guarding the whole land the severe and massive Cicero’s Tower. Yes, our town is the birth town of the great orator and of the famous commander Caius Marius.

From Arpino it is also possible to reach easily the Abruzzo National Park, the Nature Reserve of the Posta Fibreno lake, Casamari and Montecassino Abbeys.