Flora and Fauna

NaturaThe different altitudes, the diverse exposure of the slopes, the geological structure of Arpino land produce a variety of environments colonized by a range of plant and animal species.

Within this landscape time has laid out modest trails that clamber up among steep crags or run peacefully across meadows and woods.

Following anyone of them we penetrate into the shady woods of pubescent Oaks and Ornbeam, among  Butcher’s-brooms and Cane Apples, Cornelian cherries and Laurels; Sow-breads and Hellebores welcome us in numbers while the Sparrow-hawk runs after the Balckbird in the thick of the wood, watched by his fierce enemy, the Goshawk. A few steps away, under the careful gaze of an Owl, we are out in the sunlight and the colours of the Windflowers appear in full splendour.

RiccioHere the Juniper grows profusely and luxuriant and follow the trail in the clearing, visited stealthily at night by Badgers, Porcupines, Martens and Foxes.

The squirrels, frightened, find shelter on the trees while in the distance you hear the drumming of the great spotted Woodpecker or the irriverent laugh of the grey-headed Woodpecker. Keeping on walking we penetrate again into the dephts of the maquis where Maples and Ashes are followed suit by Chestnuts.

We have reached now the barren and bristling slopes where the Kestrel with flapping wings flyes over Holm Oaks and Brooms, Terebinths and Scorpion Sennas. Among Rockroses and Asparugus the viper warms itself up and sometimes theBuzzard, flying from the Mainarde Mounts, designs ample loops in the sky up above.

Flora e FaunaFrom here accompanied by the golden Oriole and from the brooks that used to be populated by Crabs and Crayfish we then come to the valley where the Liri and the Fibreno, our two rivers, flow sluggishly hidden by unbroken rows of Willows and Poplars and visited now and then by Ducks and Herons.

Here we say goodbye hoping to see you again soon on the trails of Arpino to discover other nature wonders.