Umberto Mastroianni Foundation

Informazioni Utili Seat: Fondazione Mastroianni-Castello Ladislao  Piazza Caduti dell'Aria s.n.c  - Arpino (Fr)
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Umberto Mastroianni MuseumThe “Umberto Mastroianni” Museum or permanent exhibition of the Umberto Mastroianni Donation was born on 24th April 1993.

It is one of the most important cultural institutions in the town, a living token of the actions of one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century that brought honour to his town with his works.

The Foundation gathers and shows in a permanent exhibition over hundred works ranging from sculpures, drawings, bas-reliefs, tapestries, cartoons, stage-sketches made by the great contemporary artist Umberto Mastroianni. Here is also kept the private archive of the maestro.

Umberto Mastroianni MuseumThe showrooms exhibit the sculptures, the tapestries, the wood cuts and the cartoons made by the artist and donated to the Foundation that bears his name. There are also photographs and documents of the artistic activity of Umberto Mastroianni and the Foundation.

Apart from the permanent exhibition of the Mastroianni Donation, you can visit the section (The Mastroianni” dedicated to Domenico and Alberto Mastroianni, Marcello, Ruggero, Federica, Barbara and Chiara Mastroianni and to the Mastroianni Ceramists, which will allow the Foundation not only to take care of the historical image and to promote the historical-artistic value of the whole family.

The prestigious institution also promotes regularly exhibitions and shows of contemporary artists’ works.