Corso Tulliano and the quarter of Ponte

From Piazza Municipio turn down via del Liceo, then left and enter into Corso Tulliano, the main street of the old town centre. Established in 1884 it appears like a system of arcades (vaults) where a covered market takes place. On the right there is the birth house of the musician Carlo Conti, master of Vincenzo Bellini. On the left a small square where the palace of the Town Council stands with the war memorial (1927), a work by Domenico Mastroianni, a local renowned sculptor. Soon after, there is the elegant façade of Quadrini-Borromeo Palace (19th century), whose front is enriched by an ample wrought-iron gate. The palace houses the Circolo Tulliano, a social and cultural association established since 1886.

Further on the Merolle-Felluca Palace is the seat of the Town Library and  the Musem of stringed Instruments (see Museums).
On the left handside of the street, standing on its own, Sangermano Palace, built between 1879 and 1884, is surrounded by an ample park sloping down towards the Riviète stream. The Corso ends at Porta del Ponte, a Medieval remake of the ancient southern gate. On the left, the Gradelle Torrione winds up to the quarter Colle, skirting the Medieval turret, which was once enclosed within the circle of the walls. Because of the presence of the Riviète stream, this area has always been an industrial area: mills, tanneries, oil-mills were numerous and even today the remains of the buildings that housed them can be seen.

After Porta del Ponte and piazza Gioacchino Conti you come to via Vittoria Colonna. On the left you can read another page of the stone book, which is followed by the staircase leading to the baroque church of St. Anthony of Padua. Walking on the left, the former wool mill Sangermano was one of the most important in the town. In addition to the mill, the stone structure used to comprise the homes of the workers. Today, the building, which still preserve traces of its ancient history houses the Hotel Restaurant “Cavalier d’Arpino” and is partially occupied by private homes.